John Arborn Textiles

John Arbon Textiles is based on a very simple concept: a return to old-style textile manufacture by sustainably sourcing raw fibre locally, wherever possible, and converting it in the UK into high quality tops and yarns, rather than racking up air miles by chasing the cheapest available labour.

The family-run Mill is one of only a handful of small-scale worsted spinning mills still operating in the UK. John likes to use fibre from sheep on his doorstep whenever possible and, with the help of his trusty team, transforms it into unique and sumptuous blends in the form of yarn and tops.

The John Arbon Mill is situated in the heart of North Devon. The surrounding Exmoor landscape is an ever-changing vista of rolling moors, mossy wooded valleys and dramatic cliffs – all populated with a rich variety of local sheep breeds. As much as possible, John uses the fibre which is reared and sheared on this land. Whilst experimenting with different local breeds, he has found a few firm favourites, including Exmoor Blueface, a crossbreed of the Exmoor Horn and Blueface Leicester. This wonderfully bouncy fibre, with a hint of drape and lustre, is the staple ingredient in the Exmoor Sock 4ply.

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