Pressed flowers

I have always been interested in organic patterns and in particular floral prints. I have a habit of picking small flowers, petals and leaves from my garden and placing them in between the pages of books around the house, often finding them years later still beautifully preserved.

Pressed flowers cards from Seam Haberdashery

The inspiration for the cards below came from the photographs of roses taken by Nick Knight. His images capture the beauty of colour and form within nature and the calm feeling you get by spending time in the garden. Revisiting the pages of my books are fascinating, every flower, petal or leaf dries differently, so I never know what I'm going to find, and I often like to mix spring and summer petals within each composition.

Pressed flowers cards from Seam Haberdashery

All the cards are unique and left blank inside, so you can choose who you would like to send them to.

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