A quiet few months

Seam Haberdashery Spring Garden

The last few months have been quiet, I have enjoyed spending time in my garden and watching it change and grow from winter into spring and now moving into summer. I can't remember a time in my life when I've had the luxury of spending my days doing what I enjoy. Walks in the village have become longer and it's been great to catch up with old friends along the way. Having the luxury of time has meant I have been able to write letters to friends or ring them for a really long chat, I'm still not sure about Facetime or Skype! but every little contact with friends and family has helped.

Spending time at home has made me realise how little I need to be happy. Sitting down to breakfast and coffee in the sunshine every morning has been a pleasure. The three robins and two blackbirds in the garden have been hugely entertaining and as a friend of mine said, if you look up to the blue sky, you could fool yourself that you are in Spain or France on holiday!

I'm still making, strangely during the hot weather, I've been making gloves and they will appear in the shop soon. I've been mixing colours and hand dyed yarns, keeping stripes in subtle tones. I have been hugely inspired by the woven pieces of Anni Albers, focusing on mixing unusual yarns together.

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