A change in the weather

The August winds and rain over the past few days, have made me move indoors and think about socks!

Stripy wool socks from Seam Haberdashery

As I write this, the rain is soaking everything in the garden and we are in the middle of designing a new collection for the Autumn, with soft tones of colour inspired by the gradual changes in the garden.

The garden has now lost some of the bright colours of high summer and the vibrant greens you get at the start of the season. The grey skies also impact the colours and I think these soft tones will work well in our new range of baby socks.

I will update you as soon as I can, so keep looking at at the website. In the mean time, It may be worth looking at our stripy socks, they are made with 100% soft wool and great for keeping babies' feet warm as the temperatures start to drop in these summer evenings.

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