A change in the seasons

There is a point towards the end of August when the morning air changes and the Autumn breeze blows in cooler air. The birds in my garden notice this every year before I do and suddenly I realise that many of them have left the garden for warmer climates.

Autumn Scarf - Seam Haberdashery

I came across some leaves yesterday that I had put in a book to press and forgotten how lovely Autumn colours can be, and the wide range of tones they offer.

I have started to knit with thicker yarns and letting the changes in the colour determine the pattern of each scarf. I have added many of my new collection to the shop and will continue to photograph the new collection.

Knitting Kit - Seam Haberdashery

You may want to browse through the scarf collection or maybe try to make one of your own using one the knitting kits, each kit contains a pair of needles and a pattern for you to follow.

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