A beautiful sunny morning in Whimple

Seam Haberdashery

It's a beautiful sunny morning in Whimple as I write this from my shop.

I have now been open for three weeks and I adore my little shop. I have met so many wonderful customers who have been in to give me their support and wish me well or just popped in for a chat.

I have been amazed at how many people remember a grandma or a parent through their association with textiles, and how so many of my customers have learnt a skill form sitting down with a family member as a child.

The workshops have also given me an insight into how for so many people, making is essential to their everyday wellbeing and happiness. I have met the amazing Sophie who is only 9 years old but she can sew like a pro and her enthusiasm to learn is impressive, I look forward to seeing her grow and develop, and hope that she will carry her new skills with her for many years to come.

Seam Haberdashery

I have been teaching for many years but I still get a sense of joy when I see someone excited about learning and achieving a long term ambition. I know as a new business owner I have many challenges ahead of me but I mostly look forward to meeting individuals of all ages who are passionate about making and sharing ideas and skills.

Mrs Moon yarns at Seam Haberdashery

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