14oz Dense weave, Merchant & Mills heavyweight denim.
14oz Dense weave, Merchant & Mills heavyweight denim.

Merchant & Mills

14oz Denim

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Dense weave, Merchant & Mills heavyweight denim.

A fabulous old school cloth that will last forever and improve with wear. Great for interiors, bags, aprons and of course jeans! 14oz denim is suitable for the following patterns in the Merchant & Mills Workbook: Haremere coat.

  • 14oz/400gsm
  • 150cm wide

Fabric Care

We recommend pre washing your denim before sewing.

Putting a large piece of medium-heavy weight denim into the washing machine can sometimes lead to white creases in the denim, this is because it is a stiff fabric so it doesn’t have room to move around.

We recommend doing the following to help this not to happen:

  • Wash your denim on its own for the first wash.
  • Sink your denim in water before hand, letting it fully absorb, so you are putting in the denim already wet.
  • If you can break up your denim fabric into half this will help.
  • For the first wash use a delicate 30 degree cycle with a low spin.
  • If any white creases develop ironing whilst still damp will help.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Thread match Gutermann Sew All 339.

When you have made the garment we would recommend washing it inside out.

£9.75 per metre

Fabric can be ordered in 1 metre increments.